Career History

Here is my career story, reverse chronologically. No names for privacy reasons, you can hear them if you want to hire me.

The format is a short introduction to the position and the context at the time, followed by my most interesting achievements. The list is not exhaustive else it would be too long to be useful.

Linux Expert / In-House Consultant (2019-Now)

Having significant professional experience with linux, combined with over a decade of working on linux distributions in an open-source context, I moved into a higher position, where I acted as a linux expert, in-house technology consultant, while still performing admin duties in between.

My efforts made several products possible where they otherwise would have been, saved R&D money investigating projects that are known and proven to be impossible, and allowed passing audits that would have otherwise failed.

Admin (2017-2019)

Due to my clear proficiency with linux and results working with the admin, I was offered an administration position. I accepted, having realized it interested me more than writing code. I ended up touching all of the company’s projects instead of the one I had worked on as a developer previously.

C++ Developer (2014-2017)

I started out as a C++ developer, and worked on a browser engine that ran on servers.